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Going somewhere?

On this page you're going to find a list of my most-visited sites AND links to the software I deem is pretty essential to my daily computing needs. Those of you looking for good porn links will be sadly disappointed, so sorry. Just be a man and do what we all do: Speak in hushed whispers to friends asking them what sites they look at. Anyway, I'm always accepting submissions to this page, but please don't say "I've linked you, now link me" as I reserve the right to refuse any submission based upon my feeling at the time. That all being said...
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The Master List

If I feel something needs a little blurb, I'll say it. I doubt you will need help deciphering some of these links though...

Links of the Moment

Computer Viruses... or are they?

Essential Software

Family Web-Pages

Friends' Web-Pages



Online Comics

Online Shopping

Other Helpful Knowledge Bases

Search Engines