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It pretty much started out as Anthony and myself. We've grown and shrank accordingly, but right now we've still got our stalwart 3 for every PPV. Wade's back and Anthony seems to like coming again, so that's a goodly amount, but then there's the Part-Timers in: Derrick, Taco, Jackie, Heather, & Sean. Still, you can't argue with success!
With the help of Mongoose, I have compiled quotes and moments that we've found memorable over the past few years. I know there's more, but these were the "best" of the bunch. Rest assured, I'll update when necessary!

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Top Quotes from Wrestling-Related Get-Togethers

"Save yourself! Kick 'em in the ding-ding!" - Anthony Omolewa
  • Armageddon (Sunday, December 10, 2000) in Birmingham, AL (Watched at Bill's house) "Boy... his hair sure does grow fast!" - Greg Aluise
  • King of The Ring (Sunday, June 23, 2002) in Columbus, OH (Watched at Bill's House)
      Greg said this when Kurt Angle came out to face "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan wearing a (really bad) wig underneath amateur wrestling headgear 1 PPV after he lost a hair-vs-hair match with Edge. The reason why this is up here is because he was actually serious.
    "Please!!! Stop!!! He's already dead!!!" - Duke Cahill
  • King of The Ring (Sunday, June 24, 2001) in East Rutherford, NJ (Watched at Bill's House)
      Duke says this after each viewing of the match where Kurt Angle's massacres Shane McMahon in a street fight. This was where Shane O'Mac bounced off more glass than he went through.
    "When Flair finally goes senile, how will they know?" - Krzysztof "Mongoose" Bakowski
  • No Way Out (Sunday, February 23, 2003) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (Watched at Bill's House)
      It was just Ken, 'Goose, and Bill watching when The HHH / Scott Steiner match came on. It became a bash-fest when Mongoose made this astute observation.
    "I hear it every time I listen to it." - Wade Adams
  • SummerSlam (Sunday, August 24, 2003) in Phoeniz, AZ (Watched at Mongoose's House)
      While Wade was yapping though the national anthem of The Unites States of America, Bill told him to shut up and show respect. Wade replied with that quote.
    "Oh... I see. She's the sign in front of your house that says 'Keep off the grass.'" - Bill Christopher
  • SummerSlam (Sunday, August 15, 2004) in Toronto, Ontario CA (Watched at Mongoose's House)
      Said to Wade by Bill after pointing out that his new girlfriend was there in an effort for Bill to slack off on the biting commentary towards him. Didn't work.

    Top Moments from our Wrestling-Related Get-Togethers

    Anthony shares his nickname with Al Wilson
  • Armageddon (Sunday, December 15, 2002) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Watched at Bill's House)
      Okay... so there's this horrible angle right now with Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, and Al Wilson (Torrie's REAL father) where Dawn Marie seduces Al and gets him to propose since she is trying to get under Torrie's skin. Well the angle takes a turn for the worse when Dawn Marie gets Torrie to join in some HLA to cancel the wedding with Al. Fast-forward to Armageddon... Al begs Dawn Marie not to show anymore of the kissing between his "fiancee" and his daughter, so she says "If that's what My Little Bobo wants..." At this point Anthony's face contorts into such a mask of disgust that it earned the top spot on this list! Wade's jaw drops and he points at Anthony like a frigging hunting dog as Anthony's hands come up to his chest like a Bob Dole impersonation (picture a woman trying to cover some popped-out breasts) and he says "That's my nickname!!!" We stopped laughing after a few minutes... hours... whatever. Now we just have to stretch this one out as long as we can because: Yes... Big Ant now goes into the anals of our wrestling stories as the man who shares a pet-name with "Mr. Personality" Al Wilson.
      Artist's rendition of Ant aka "Bobo". I'd like to point out that I never pictured Ant as a clown when this story occurred and I'm putting this pic up due to peer pressure!
    Wade clears out the AT Super Box at the First Union Center
  • Unforgiven (Sunday, September 24, 2000) in Philadelphia, PA (Watched at The First Union Center)
      Wade decides that he just has to release this pent-up gas inside him, so in a fit of flatulence the likes the world had never seen before and would only see a glimpse of in the future, he opens his sphincter and unleashes the most noxious gas cloud ever seen in history. Since the building houses over 21,000 fans, it's impressive that one ass can make 3 boxes look around and accuse their fellow man of destroying their sense of smell.
    The distracting look of the "brown-eye"
  • RAW Live Taping for TNN (Monday, July 8, 2002) in Philadelphia, PA (Watched at The First Union Center)
      A story with pictures!!! This girl sat in front of us during a RAW taping in Philly and none of the guys actually watched the matches at all... instead they watched her ass. She had a nice front too... There were more pictures taken of this girl's ass and tits than of the ring itself! The reason why we kept looking down? It just defied explaination. Oh, this was also the night Kevin Nash re-injured himself in his first match back from his previous injury. Karma man... it's a bitch!
    The first and last PPV for Thong-girl (aka Marilyn)
  • Royal Rumble (Sunday, January 20, 2002) in Atlanta, GA (Watched at Wade's Apartment)
      Wade decides to invite his brand-spanking-new girlfriend to watch the PPV with the boyz, so there is Marilyn. Wade gets pissed because Bill shows up WAAAY early and that means no pre-PPV lovin for Wade. During the PPV, everyone watches as Marilyn repeatedly bends forward for food, exposing her black thong a record-setting 361 times that evening. After the PPV ends, Wade (unceremoniously) kicks everyone out, slamming the door in Bill's face, to get laid. In the parking lot, we all discuss the events of the evening and shortly thereafter Wade and Marilyn suffer a sticky end.
    The Key Incident
  • No Way Out (Sunday, February 17, 2002) in Milwaukee, WI (Watched at Bill's House)
      So after Wade and Marilyn decide to call it quits, Wade rips her key off his keyring and drives up to Bill's house for the PPV. In the middle of the PPV, after relating his heartbreaking story to the rest of the group, he realizes that Oops! He took the wrong key off his keyring and he is now locked out of his apartment until the main office opens at 7am the next morning! After the rest of the group is gasping for air and wiping the tears from their faces, they all discuss just how to give Marilyn her key back. Suggestions included:
      • Making copies and having each one of Da Boyz drop one off... day after day.
      • Duct-taping it to her apartment door.
      • Dropping it off without any explanation.
      • Mailing it to her in pieces.
      • Mailing it to her parents' house... in Texas.
      That was all at the PPV. Just to bring closure, here's the rest of the story:
      Wade wanted to mail it to Texas, but Bill and Mongoose pleaded with him to be mature and to do the right thing. This went on for days until, finally and miraculously, Wade managed to do the mature thing and scotch-taped the the key to a piece of paper and mailed it to her apartment in Newark, DE. The funniest part of this story is that, when the envelope arrived, there was no key inside!!!
    Wade cries in pain as Bill tortures him with laughter
  • Vengence (Sunday, July 21, 2002) in Detroit, MI (Watched at Wade's Apartment)
      So Wade screws himself up somehow and he can barely move off his couch. Someone says something funny, so Wade starts to laugh ("Ha-ha... OW... ha-ha... OW") and Bill gets the idea to pay Wade back for all commentary about Chris Benoit and his faggoty-looking shirt from the RAW magazine eons ago when "The Radicals" jumped to the WWF from WCW. He starts making all sorts of dirty jokes and humourous commentary until Wade is rolling on the floor, tears streaming down his face (both tears of laughter AND tears of pain) holding his gut and screaming for Bill to stop. Of course he doesn't and Wade spends at least a full half of the PPV face down on the carpet before he can move without a large amount of pain.
    Wade makes like a Hoover and leaves no food for anyone else
  • Wrestlemania (Sunday, April 2, 2000) in Anaheim, CA (Watched at Bill's Parents' House)
      Wrestlemania 2000 (not even a great PPV) was a biggie for the WWF and so Bill had everyone (and there was a TON of people) over to his parents' house to watch it. He decrees that the food will come from Stanley's and it would consist of ribs, wings, and fried things like French Fries and Onion Rings. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot to go around AND Anthony had not arrived yet, so Bill made the statement "Leave some for Anthony so he can eat when he arrives!" Everyone listens except Wade who, in his defense, leaves Anthony a rib and 2 wings. Taco and Bill ended up running to Pizza Hut for a few LARGE pizzas to feed Anthony and the rest of the non-Wades, but that doesn't stop the REAL Wade from polishing off a half of one of the pizzas by himself after all the food he devoured before. He still hasn't lived this down.

    Our favorite pictures!!!

  • The Group minus Wade - Some PPV a few months back.
  • Hail, hail... - 1 half of the group
  • ...the gang's all here! - the other half
  • Web-Cam Capture - Don't know who did it, but someone did...
  • Buddy Info for Wade - He just had to quote John Cena...
  • WrestleMania XIX
  • LIVE Events
    Please note that my photography skills suck...
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