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'I used to think every day I didn't wake up and gargle a few rounds from a revolver was a victory, but little 'golden' moments like this make me wonder 'A victory for who?' - Davan (somethingpositive.net 09/12/02) nar·cis·sism: from Latin Narcissus (a beautiful youth in Greek mythology who pines away for love of his own reflection). Egoism or egocentrism.
Emily & I in Calafia, Mexico
Name: William "Bill" Joseph Christopher III
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 240lbs.
Born: 14:16 EDT on Tuesday, September 23, 1975 in Wilmington, Delaware
Siblings: 1 younger sister (Colleen Beth)

So here we are again... 3rd different web address and 3rd different idea of what I want this page to be. I'm older and I hesitate to say more mature, but I have grown up a bit from where I was last time I actually worked on my personal website. I still have my quirks, but don't we all? I mean we all have our own quirks... you don't all have mine. That would just be silly!
So where do I begin? Chances are, if you're reading this, you already know who I am or have an idea at least, so why bore you with the early details of my life. Here's a quick summary:
That brings you up to post-college adulthood. Sure, I have stories to tell about times in the past, but those are the major points in my life up until now. So what have I done since? Continued working in the real world and come to understand why so many people in this life are so depressed, but I miraculously saved enough money to buy a house in Wilmington. Nice place; 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, backyard, basement, attic, all the fun stuff. Great starter home, so I'll make a mint when I sell it!
I've taken classes in Taekwondo and finally acheived my 1st Degree Decided Black Belt. That was a struggle! and I'm an avid reader / writer. I'm a computer geek and I enjoy movies (see my movie collection for a better idea of that). I've got a wonderful family and some tremendous friends. I'm most definitely a dog person (although my aversion towards cats has been breaking down lately) and I am dying to get my hands on a fish-tank again in the near future. I probably watch too much TV for my own good and I work a part time job at Wawaset Liquors in Wilmington, but I do so enjoy relaxing. I tell ya what... if I ever get to win the lottery, after taking care of bills and my family, I'm getting a house built overlooking The Brandywine River right here in Wilmington, DE. No nicer place to be!
That's the whole boring story in words. I moved all my pictures to The Picture Page (see menu), so go there and peruse my life in images.

Just one last section... a little while back I started thinking about teachers who did or said something to me that really impacted my life (whether positively or negatively) and I decided to make mention of a lot of them right here. Now just because a certain person I was taught by doesn't appear here doesn't mean I don't remember them. As a matter of fact, I could tell you every single teacher (or teacher's aide) I have had in my life from Kindergarten until Senior year in high school. Some points were just more prevalant than others however and these are the biggest of the big: