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My only request is that you do this without looking up the answer. Google can give you all the correct solutions in the world, but really... how satisfying is that?? Remember: The EASY Question is worth 2 points, the MEDIUM Question is worth 3 points, and the HARD Question is worth 5 points...

Questions for October 20th, 2008

A long time coming, but I'm going to try to post twice in the next 2 weeks for Halloween. Why? Because Kim bribes me when I put up questions. What can I say? I'm a trivia-whore. Enjoy!

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Easy Question:
When people think of vampires, the name Dracula is usually one of the first names that comes up. My question is not who the vampire was, but who was the wily old coot who fought Dracula?
Easy Answer
Medium Question:
This actor went from playing a canine-human hybrid (genetics: they're a bitch) to a con-man/paranormal investigator in two movies featuring things we might expect to see on Halloween. Who is this actor who also formerly played a major Young Republican on a television show which catapulted him to stardom? BONUS: List the two movies I'm referring to
Medium Answer
Hard Question:
In Washington Irving's "Headless Horseman" story, who was the big bully to our protagonist, bookish school-teacher Ichabod Crane?
Hard Answer
Additional comments:

Questions for August 25th, 2008

EASY Q: This first-family of the Democrats featured 2 brothers who were both linked to the same lascivious (bottle) blonde back in the 1950s and 1960s. The most memorable evidence of this little affair was an innocent song sung in a not so innocent way during a birthday party of all things! What is this family's name?
EASY A: Kennedy
MEDIUM Q: Currently on Showtime's amazingly funny comdey "Weeds," this former Saturday Night Live performer acted as Senator Joseph R. Biden during the Clarence Thomas hearings when he was being nominated for Supreme Court. Also seen doing "The World's Funniest Commercials" on TBS when there's a rain-delay in a Braves game, who is this actor?
MEDIUM A: Kevin Nealon
HARD Q: Also on Saturday Night Live (but about a decade after the last question), Will Farrell played a "woman" who was well-known in Washington during her tenure under Clinton. Holding "dance parties" in the basement, the REAL woman burst through the stage wall in the final episode of Farrell's interpretation of her. Name this woman.
HARD A: Janet Reno
Since my last conference didn't show up, I have a few minutes to put a new trivia up. Here are the results from the last one (back in August): Jim & Drew are the politicos / SNL fans who came in perfect this week. Carrie missed only the MEDIUM (ah, dear, it still gets you), and Bern, Kim Ma, and Elrod all got the EASY, but missed the other two.

For the archives of this fun-time activity... click here and take a peek.



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