I think Cecily Tynan is pregnant again…

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If you’re not from the greater Philadelphia area, you have no clue what I’m talking about. That’s okay… I usually have no clue what I’m talking about either. In any case, Cecily Tynan is the weather reporter for 6-ABC and she’s starting to pooch out a little. If she’s not pregnant, then they really oughta start shooting her from the chest up ;-)

Ah well… I think it’s gonna be a busy week this week. Tomorrow I’ll leave home about 7:15am and won’t get home until probably after 10pm. It’s all good though… at least I’ll be doing things I enjoy, right? Oh, and I’m guaranteeing my students pay attention to me this week because next week is their mid-term and I’m going to review. I love the review: it’s when the students really pay attention instead of just sensing that you’re looking at them and feigning interest!

I was thinking about something on the ride home tonight: is it weird to miss an aspect of your personality if you know it was bad to have in the first place? I mean, I used to be really angry… about everything. I basically cloaked myself in this lovely blanket of hatred and it felt impenetrable. People who have known me over the past few years know what I’m talking about, but those of you who have only really known me over the past 2 years really don’t have a clue about it. Sure, I’ve been upset over the past few years about certain things, but never to the point that I was when working for ATS/CTM (and yes… I finally typed in the company name. I figure those assholes can choke on it). It’s odd… I know my life is SOOOOO much better than it was, but every so often I feel like I’m missing my edge.

You all remember that edge…

It was the looks that I would give people that made them wonder if I was going to torture them or not.

Yeah… those were the days :twisted:

But those are days past… the “old” Bill is dead and gone. There’s no daily strife to feed the hate and that hate died on the vine. It’s frightening and comforting all at once. Go figure. Maybe I have grown up and matured to match my age. I dunno. If that is truly the case, I guess age has its privileges.

Oh, before I forget: Everyone congratulate Erin and Karl on their engagement. I was told that I’ve picked up a new reader, so now’s where I make mention of her :) For those of you wondering, no… this is not that Erin; she’s opening a craft shop up in New York, so wish her good luck too! But no, this Erin is Brittany’s sister (or Brittany is Erin’s sister… gotta do it both ways so I don’t sew family discord, ya know) and she will be getting married in early September. Apparently I’m invited. Don’t be jealous… I’m just better than you. C’mon… it’s not like you had any delusions to the contrary, right? Oh? You did? That’s so cute.

So I guess that’s enough of my rambling tonight. I have another idea to type up, but that can wait. In any case, I’m going to stock up on sleep this week. France and I have a long drive ahead of us this weekend and I have a feeling I’m gonna have to go with the leaded shit instead of the non-caffeinated stuff. Mmm… increased heart-rate. Oh damn… I’m gonna have to start burning some MP3 CDs for the trip.

Rest up and enjoy! If you haven’t already done so, check out the trivia for the week. I’m hoping to haul in some new people because Fiee, Carrie, Amy, Kim, and Karen are starting to catch on to my themes. I hate to be predictable.


  1. i hope that’s my name you’re talking about! cause if it is, then yes! i’ve been mentioned on someone’s blog! and if not, i’ll still pretend it’s me! ;-)

    Comment by Amy — 06/13/2007 @ 11:46

  2. Thanks for the mention! I’m now a loyal reader! :)

    Comment by Erin — 06/13/2007 @ 15:51

  3. Is that me or the other Kim?

    Comment by Kim Ma — 06/14/2007 @ 13:34

  4. I saw Cecily tonight on the tv at the Zoo and I thought the same thing you did! Time will tell

    Comment by pam — 03/18/2009 @ 17:49

  5. I also saw her tonight @ the zoo and thought the same exact thing. She does look like maybe she is pregant.

    Comment by cindy — 03/18/2009 @ 22:18

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